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"Danny Boy"
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Episode Summary: A Shemira sculpture is coming to the museum and to describe art to Zatch, Kiyo tells him to imagine a delicious yellow-tail. Meanwhile, A Mamodo named Danny and his book owner Mr. Goldo are delivering the sculpture. Danny meets Zatch while buying fish and fights him thinking Zatch is after his book. Danny stops when Zatch tells him he is at the museum to see the Shemira sculpture. Danny decides show Zatch the sculpture and returns to Mr. Goldo only to find out the sculpture has been stolen by a gang. Zatch follows them through their scent and leads them to a ship. Zatch then gives Ponygon a memo to give to Kiyo. Zatch, Danny, and Mr. Goldo infiltrate the ship. Mr. Goldo is held hostage by the gang but Kiyo arrives and saves him with Zatch's "Zaker". Once the gang has been apprehended the gang leader attempts to use a truck to escape. He crashes and the cargo falls into the car containing Danny's book and the Shemira sculpture. Danny manages to hold up the cargo and asks Zatch to destroy it. Zatch does so and the sculpture is saved but Danny's book is burnt. Before disappearing, Mr. Goldo heals Danny with the spell book and congratulates Danny on a job well done.

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