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"Sing for Your Lives! The Terrible Belgim E.O."
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Episode Summary: Folgore and Kanchome do his signature song and dance "Hey Hey Let's Dance all Day!" to entertain Belgim. After the performance, Belgim begins to attack them and reveals he enjoyed the performance very much. He then asks Folgore if he could sing with them. Belgim tries to sing and bites his tongue. Angered, he blames Folgore and begins his attack. However, Dr. Riddles does a magic trick and summons pigeons, astonishing Belgim. Elsewhere, Kiyo tries to figure out the mysteries of the stars, and he realizes that they react to sound. Belgim asks Dr. Riddles to perform another magic feat. Dr. Riddles instead gives Belgim a riddle realizing that if he does a magic trick, Belgim will ultimately try to do the same and will be angered when he fails. Belgim not amused with the riddle decides to give them one more chance. Dr. Riddles tricks Belgim into thinking that spinning around is fun. Belgim does so but ends up flying and hitting the ceiling. Angered he begins his attack and realizes that his partner is out of energy to cast spells. He asks her to refill her energy with a moonstone but is interrupted by Dr. Riddles and Kido's attack. Folgore's team prepares to battle Belgim and his weakened partner.

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