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"Dr. Riddles, You'll Always Be My King!"
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Episode Summary: Folgore's team battles against Belgim. They plan to have Kido distract Belgim while Folgore and Kanchome attempt to steal his book. During the battle, Belgim reveals that he is not attached to his chair, and uses it to injure Dr. Riddles. Dr. Riddles reminisces on how he met Kido. When Dr. Riddles was a surgeon, he was unable to save a young boy during his operation and thus isolated himself due to his guilt. Dr. Riddles sees the resemblance of the kid in Kido and decides to help him. During the battle, Dr. Riddles pushes Folgore and Kanchome away from Belgims direction and is gravely injured. Unable to move, Belgim uses aims his strongest attack at Dr. Riddles. Kido takes the attack, but his book is burned in the process. Kido continues to distract Belgim and communicates with Dr. Riddles through the book with his heart. He thanks Dr. Riddles for all the fun times and tells him Dr. Riddles is his king. The book glows and Kido asks Dr. Riddles to use the final spell before he disappears. Using the new spell "Mikor Ma Zegaruga", Belgim is defeated and Kido disappears.

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