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"Zagurzem, the 7th Spell!"
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Episode Summary: Elsewhere, Zofis's barrier is simultaneously destroyed along with the moonstone. Koko reveals herself to Sherry soon after. Albert collapsed when the moonstone was destroyed as Zofis' mind control had been broken. Roberto uses the spell which Zofis had barred him from using. The spell gives Delmolt armor that increases his power and consequently causes Zofis's spell on him to break. Delmolt, having regained his persona, swallows Roberto and begins to battle the team again. They are overwhelmed by Delmolt's strength but continue to fight. Touched by everyone's effort, Zatch is encouraged to continue fighting. Zatch's feelings cause the seventh spell to appear, "Zagurzem". Using "Zagurzem", the attack makes contact with Delmolt's arm, causing it to give off a yellow glow. Zatch uses "Zakeruga" and manages to destroy Delmolt's armor. Kiyo realizes that "Zagurzem" causes electrical energy to become stored in whatever it contacts with and when used with an electric spell, increases its power. Delmolt, having realized the effect of the spell, manages to avoid Zatch's attacks. Albert regains consciousness and casts "Miberna Ma Migron" which summons numerous crescent moons.

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