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"Sherry and Koko: The Bond that Can't Be Broken!"
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Episode Summary: Sherry and Brago continue their battle with Zofis. Koko begins telling Sherry that she always hated her for their difference in social status. Koko reminds Sherry of the incident during her tenth birthday party. Back then, a burglary occurred, and Sherry's family heirloom was stolen. Since Sherry's handkerchief was at the scene of the crime, Sherry was blamed for it. Koko revealed she planted the handkerchief there and shows Sherry she has the heirloom. Sherry is devastated and is unable to cast spells, resulting in a grave injury for Brago. Brago continues to fight Zofis without spells. Sherry seeing Brago fighting a losing battle, offers to give Zofis Brago's book to burn, but Zofis refuses, as he wants to kill Brago. Sherry's ring breaks and reminds her of the past friendship she had with Koko. Koko in the past gave her two rings, with the design of the sun and moon, which will ward off evil. Sherry notices that Koko is wearing the earrings with the same sun-and-moon design and realizes that Koko is waiting to be saved by Sherry. Sherry regains the will to fight and is able to cast spells again.

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