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"A New Departure!"
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Episode Summary: Brago's spell defeats Zofis's spell, and Koko is saved from falling into the magma. Zofis tells Sherry that once his book is burned, Koko will regain her persona but will retain the memories of all her evil deeds committed with Zofis. Hence, she will suffer from guilt until she will not have the will to live anymore. Sherry orders Zofis to erase Koko's memory but refuses. Zofis tells Brago that he has been afraid of Brago and has been running from him ever since. He threatens Zofis by asking him if he wants to run away for the rest of his life in the Mamodo world. Zofis agrees to Sherry's demands. Before leaving, Sherry tells Kiyo that the reason she wanted to fight Zofis alone was to make sure Zofis' book was not burnt, so Koko's memory could be erased. As the battle is over, Laila asks the team to burn her book as her Mamodo battle had ended a thousand years ago. She tells them one of them must become the Mamodo King before she disappears. Everyone hereafter continues their lives. Koko, who has no memories of the prior months, thanks Sherry for saving her, and they happily hug. Grateful for Brago, she tells him she shall make him the Mamodo King.

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