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"The Hurricane Test Battle!"
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Episode Summary: Kiyo heads to school, and Zatch tries to follow. Zatch accidentally gets his toy Vulcan stuck on a track that drives away and chases after it. Suzy tries to tell Kiyo "Welcome back" but is constantly interrupted by Kiyo's friends. Meanwhile, the truck Zatch chases stops and drops its cargo which is revealed to be yellowfish. Kiyo's teacher, Mr. Touyama, gives everyone a test. Kiyo easily answers all the questions except for the final one. At that moment, Zatch crashes through the window, and Kiyo is forced to take Zatch out of the classroom, leaving the test unfinished. When the tests are graded, Kiyo is devastated to find out the last question was worth 30%. Touyama reveals that in Kiyo's absence, he has been teaching the class with random and trivia information in order to break Kiyo's perfect grade. He then tells Kiyo if he "apologizes", then he will tell Kiyo what shall be on the test tomorrow. Kiyo, instead, asks his classmates for their notes and creates study guides for the whole class to get 100%. The next day, Mr. Touyama's test contains questions about his personal life. At that moment, the principal arrives, due to Zatch and Ponygon, and when the principal reads the questions on the test, he orders Touyama to his office. As they head home, Suzy tells Kiyo "Welcome back".

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