Kotonoha no Niwa Movie English Subbed

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16 Responses to “Kotonoha no Niwa Movie”

  1. KingAndres

    May 31st, 2013

    Download? :(

  2. kawaiimeatpie

    Jun 1st, 2013

    NIggas? o:

  3. BlessingsXI

    Jun 1st, 2013

    Hahaha what a horrible, wasteful ending. Great movie til then, then I wanted to smack myself for watching it.

  4. olympus

    Jun 1st, 2013

    wow good movie

  5. Shikaki


    Jun 1st, 2013

    This…..Is…..F****** awesome……. <3 <3 <3

  6. mitzuliina

    Jun 6th, 2013

    this is the most well made movie I have seen in a while <3

  7. icemake

    Jun 7th, 2013

    dl plz

  8. bryllezzz

    Jun 8th, 2013

    wow nc

  9. Fanimation

    Jun 15th, 2013

    Most well made Movie i’ve seen for a long time, I wish I could smack that memory of the movie out of my brain and watch it again. It reminds me of all the suffering I have been through and the rain just makes me so happy. Over all this movie putted me into a better mood about life :D

  10. izzybear


    Jun 19th, 2013

    To download videos, you need to register with the forums of this website. Press the ‘Community’ button at the very top of the page.
    ~ izzybear

  11. crnr


    Oct 21st, 2013

    OMG that detailed animation reminded me of 5cm/sec >….<

  12. cnxer

    Jan 26th, 2014


  13. Jelly99

    Feb 22nd, 2014

    So beautiful movie! It was so good animated!!! I LOVE IT!!! <3 <3 <3

  14. simone

    Feb 26th, 2014

    Amazing art design and an unravelling plot

  15. justinebeb

    Jun 30th, 2014


  16. mademoicl

    Feb 23rd, 2017


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