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"Stand By Me"

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Episode Summary: Daichi protects Yuriko from the attack, forcing the attacker to retreat when people start showing up. Haruka once again feels guilty about what had happened, not wanting Yoshihisa getting involved having read his thoughts of concern over her. She ends up wandering around until she reaches a park, where she once again encounters Tsukino, who takes her to her apartment. Meanwhile, Hiyori informs Yoshihisa on the situation, hazing him for not staying by Haruka's side. Hiyori then confesses that she loves Yoshihisa, to which he responds that he loves Haruka, which Hiyori believes is the way it should be. After Yoshihisa heads off to search for Haruka, Hiyori laments over her rejection. Meanwhile, after recovering from his injury and assuring Yuriko, Daichi deduces that the attacker is in fact Tsukino. Yuriko's phone call to Haruka helps her avoid an attack from Tsukino, who has a split personality that emerged from years of bullying. As Haruka is chased into a corner, Yoshihisa arrives to protect her from Tsukino's attack. Haruka then calls out to the true Tsukino, reminding her there will be people who care for her and helping her overcome her dark side, after which she turns herself in to the police.

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