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"The First..."

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Episode Summary: Haruka is approached by an upperclassman named Yuriko Mifune, who invites her to join the ESP Research Club, along with Yoshihisa and their other current member, Daichi Muroto. During one of the club meetings, Yuriko willingly shows Haruka a glimpse of one of her darkest memories. Yuriko later reveals her mother was a clairvoyant who was accused of being a fake and inevitably hanged herself, driving Yuriko to try and prove the existence of psychics. Yuriko decides to use Haruka to hold a fortune telling booth, which initially proves difficult when Haruka can't see her targets, but it soon proves popular once Haruka takes charge. When Hiyori Moritani, her classmate who is in love with Yoshihisa, takes the seat however, she starts mentally insulting Haruka to the point of throwing up. Haruka soon starts being bullied while keeping it a secret from the others. When Yoshihisa and Yuriko learn of the bullying, Yoshihisa confronts Hiyori and reveals that he likes Haruka. Thanking her friends, Haruka officially joins the ESP Research Club.

7 Responses to “Kotoura-san Episode 2”

  1. Taylor

    Jan 17th, 2013

    Koutoua is so cute I could cry. I’m going to beat up everyone who picks on her.

  2. Sugoisan

    Jan 18th, 2013

    This anime is very good. It has a powerful plot. I love it.

  3. dafoolyOne

    Jan 18th, 2013

    @Sugoisan Agree one of my top anime this season

  4. crnr


    Jan 18th, 2013

    the hell a complete turn around never the less this is one of the anime I’ve watch to have a good potential

    maybe its not an action genre but its going to be ranked next to SAO if u ask me that is if they can keep up the good story

  5. Jonathonman

    Jan 19th, 2013

    ^agrees with ernr

    Expecting a lot from this anime now hope they can keep it up. the Foundation is sturdy lets see what they build

  6. ThatGuy

    Jan 19th, 2013

    I expected more from this amazing plott. I haven’t let my emotions sway like this since angel beats.

  7. mashiro

    Jan 23rd, 2013

    Kotoura your so shy .

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