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"So Happy, So Fun"

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Episode Summary: As Haruka tries to keep the fact she overheard Yoshihisa's confession from him, she and the others go to a karaoke place, where it is soon revealed that Haruka is completely tone deaf. The next evening, as Haruka plans to make a home-made lunch for Yoshihisa, Yoshihisa is attacked by some karate members asked by Hiyori to slightly rough him up, although they end up taking it a bit too far and end up hospitalizing him. As word reaches the class the next day, Haruka hears Hiyori's stressed thoughts as she fears being found out by everyone. However, Haruka instead chooses to give her some assurance before going to visit Yoshihisa in hospital. After hearing Yoshihisa's thoughts about how he didn't want to get Haruka involved, she feels guilty that she is just hurting others in her place and moves away.

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  1. AlchemyBlue


    Jan 24th, 2013

    How pleasant, didn’t know this show came out on Thursdays. That just made my day ^_^

  2. playtimekid


    Jan 24th, 2013

    i was almost gonna cry , but i didn’t .

    kotoura you are an ediot .

  3. Gladius

    Jan 24th, 2013


  4. Sugoisan

    Jan 25th, 2013

    why are good anime’s so unpredictable?! and I didn’t know it came out today ether, made my day too :) this has to be one of the best anime’s of the season.

  5. crnr


    Jan 28th, 2013

    a good anime indeed

    I don’t know why but I can’t believe I’ve been watching alot of bittersweet anime this season


    I would be delighted if some one would tell me the title of the ED theme

  6. semoponume

    Mar 1st, 2013

    the ending song is kibou no hana

  7. bigmacbush

    Mar 19th, 2013


  8. rabbit

    Jan 24th, 2015

    Moritani acts like a little bitch in the first few episodes. Just sayin

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