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"Accustomed Fear"
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Episode Summary: With Murasaki's return to the Kuhoin mansion, Shinkurō is irresolute while in the company of Tamaki and Yamie. He decides to go grocery shopping and encounters Yayoi. After the two spar, Yayoi shares her first job experience with Shinkurō telling him that he should be grateful that no harm was done to Murasaki and should forget everything in order to focus on his next job. Benika visits Shinkurō informing him of his next job that requires him to move out of his apartment. However, Tamaki and Yamie make Shinkuro realize all his great memories of Murasaki. Before he leaves for his next job, Shinkurō is determined to hear Murasaki's honest feelings. Shinkurō convinces Benika to infiltrate the Kuhoin mansion.

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