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Episode Summary: While Kuraki manages to disarm Yuki and prevent her from shooting Akane, Kuro and Keita are able to meet up with an injured Yakumo after his previous encounter with an unknown Tera Guardian. Kuro finds out that the new enemy is Shinra, who was formerly under Reishin before he went renegade, after massacring the entire tribe and having been recruited by Kuraki. In the fight by Kuro and Shinra, she is able to destroy the ceiling above Akane's room. Keita, Kuro, and Akane try to escape with Yuki in tow, but Raiga appears and attacks them. Kuro and Keita assist Yakumo while Yuki and Akane evacuate by helicopter, but it begins to malfunction while in the air. Kuraki confronts Keita with Raiga and surprises him when he shows him his Master Root.

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