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"Collapse (Ruin)"
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Episode Summary: Kuro faces off against Shinra and Raiga, defeating the former due to a surge of Tera Energy from Keita. However, Raiga overwhelms Kuro thanks to the strength of his Exceed Energy. Though Keita collapses from exhaustion and briefly dies due to overuse of and depletion of his Tera Energy, Keita then undergoes rebirth having his Tera Energy doubled, in which Kuro becomes able to defeat Raiga with a massive Exceed attack. As Keita and Kuro celebrate their victory with the Kaionji Group hotel secured by Bernhard, the Pure Place island appears near Japan. With its appearance, a majority of people who did not have Contracts with Tera Guardians collapse all over the world, leading to chaos with a near collapse in society. Reishin, appearing on the Pure Place, is shown to have reverted back to his former complexion.

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