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"The God (Deity)"
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Episode Summary: The Pure Place is enshrouded with flames and ice as the battle between Reishin and the Masagami begins. Reishin is pounded by attacks of magma and glaciers. Keita and Kuro now understand that Reishin always sought to protect Kuro from awakening as one of the Masagami and contributing to the destruction of the world. With the aid of Akane's Thousand, Reishin unleashes an immense Exceed attack on the two flamed and icy bodies of the Masagami. However, as the flamed and icy Masagami regenerate, Kuro awakens as the last Masagami. No one is no match against her electrical attacks. Nonetheless, Keita calls out for Kuro, bring her back to her senses, as they synchronize and prepare to head into battle. Reishin, making his final move on the two Masagami, dies from draining all his Tera Energy.

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