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Episode Summary: After winning against Kirisaki Daiichi and confirming their spot in the Winter Cup, the Seirin team head to a hot spring to regenerate their energy. They are surprised when the Touou Academy team joins them at the resort. The Touou team explains that they have defeated Josei High, who Seirin had also played in the Winter Cup preliminaries, by a score of 170-39. Also, Touou revealed that they will be Seirin's opponent in the first round of the Winter Cup. Kagami goes missing next morning, but Riko is not worried. Seirin's training camp starts immediately and without Kagami. Riko's father, Kagetora, promises to develop the team's individual skills and get themselves prepared for the Winter Cup. Meanwhile, it is shown that Kagami is returning to America for his training. With less than a month to Winter Cup, will Seirin get themselves on level with their first opponent of Winter Cup, Touou Academy?

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