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"Definitely This Time"
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Episode Summary: Kagetora claims that the second years of Seirin can improve their individual skills in less than a month, but when asked about Kuroko, he doesn't know what to teach him. Kagetora even said that Kuroko might face a wall. Kagami did not appear in the opening of the Winter Cup, as apparently he had forgotten about the time difference between California and Japan. Kuroko was summoned by Akashi Seijuro, the captain of the Generation of Miracles. Kagami interrupts a seemingly normal conversation of the Generation of Miracles and meets Akashi for the first time. Things took a sinister turn when Akashi borrows a pair of scissors from Midorima and almost stabs Kagami in the cheek. The Seirin-Touou matchup commences with an intense competition for the first point. Will Kuroko's improved Ignite Pass set the pace for this exciting rematch?

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