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"I Believe in Him"
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Episode Summary: Still behind by 10, and Kagami has been unable to stop the faster Aomine, therefore Hyuga suggests to go 3 points at a time. Hyuga hits a 3 with confidence, even with Sakurai's tight defense on the former. Touou goes to inbound, but are pressed by Seirin, and eventually Wakamatsu's inbound pass to Suso has been stolen by Kuroko and Hyuga tries to hit another 3, but Sakurai fouls Hyuga and gets 3 free throws. All 3 are converted and Seirin are now only down by 3 points. In the next possession for Touou, Aomine swiftly goes past Kagami and the latter cannot even react at all. Aomine has entered the Zone, therefore his speed has doubled, and now Seirin are unable to stop Aomine. In the timeout, Kagami wants to go for a one-on-one against Aomine, which is virtually impossible with the latter in the Zone. Kagami has 2 minutes as Seirin's ace, and for the next few Touou possessions, Aomine still manages to pass Kagami and score. Down by 13, and not bearing to see Seirin lose and cry again, Kagami finally manages to react to Aomine's drive, hitting the ball out of bounds. It is then shown that Kagami has also entered the Zone. Who will win this battle of the Aces, Aomine vs Kagami, now that both are in the Zone, and who will advance to the next round of the Winter Cup?

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