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"I Don't Want to Lose!"
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Episode Summary: With Murasakibara finally appearing on the offensive side, Seirin is slowly losing hope of having the chance to win against Yosen. With the help of the Fukui, Murasakibara catches the ball and dunks it, causing the hoop to break and collide with the ground, further diminishing the hopes of Seirin. Back to the game, Kuroko marks Murasakibara, thus causing Murasakibara to foul for charging as Kuroko, effectively angering Murasakibara. During the break, at Seirin's bench, Kiyoshi says he is glad to be with Seirin, making the rest of the team pissed because he hadn't noticed this earlier. Kiyoshi believes in the saying that "We don't support each other because we are a team. We are a team because we support each other". With the final quarter starting, how will the game go, now that Kiyoshi is finally benched? And what is the favor Kiyoshi wants from Riko?

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