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"There's Only One Answer"
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Episode Summary: Seirin first takes on Senshinkan High, who had twice defeated them in the past 2 years. Seirin takes the game 78-61. Shutoku also takes their first game 123-51 against Kirisaki Daiichi, although the latter team's first string players did not even play, and instead are watch Seirin's game, confident in their victory. Kiyoshi meets Hanamiya Makoto from Kirisaki Daiichi, also one of the Uncrowned Generals. In their previous match-up, Kiyoshi was injured because of Hanamiya. The Seirin-Shutoku match is up next. Kagami must continually jump to block Midorima's shots. It turns out that Midorima plans to tire out Kagami with constant jumping and blocking. With no score yet, who will strike first blood? Who will win the Kagami-Midorima match-up?

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