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"I'll Defeat You!!"
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Episode Summary: The highly anticipated match between Seirin and Kirisaki Daiichi finally gets started. Match starts off with Kuroko unleashing his Vanishing Drive and lobs to Kiyoshi for the dunk. Then Kirisaki Daiichi counters with rough plays and makes use of the referee's blind spots to score. After another rough defensive play, Hanamiya scores again to lead. The game becomes increasingly violent, and Kiyoshi volunteers to defend and attack on the inside by himself. With Kiyoshi's impressive individual performance, Seirin takes the lead 26-23. However, Seirin is in bad shape: Hyuga keeps missing open 3-pointers, and Kagami gets a charging foul. Hanamiya then orders his teammate to trip Kiyoshi and and elbow him in the face. Kiyoshi is wounded, but still gets up and is ready for more intensive plays. With Kiyoshi's spirit burning up, will Seirin get past this extremely rough game?

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    Nov 30th, 2013

    bad show

  2. izzybear


    Nov 30th, 2013

    ^ bad show? This anime is freaking amazing. Unless you want a wave of haters chasing after you, I wouldn’t recommend posting bad comments.

  3. Mayur

    Nov 30th, 2013


  4. crnr


    Nov 30th, 2013

    WTF is with those cheap trick >...<

  5. olympus

    Dec 1st, 2013

    He trully has an Iron Heart love this anime :D

  6. subxero

    Dec 1st, 2013

    i must rewatch!

  7. (╹◡╹)凸

    Dec 2nd, 2013

    im a lover before in season 1 but after season 2 it make me be a haters
    this now become one sided win…..so bad side cant win for once? are you kidding me? better watch aida riko being tortured in ero ways in doujin wakakakka

  8. (╹◡╹)凸

    Dec 2nd, 2013

    @izzybear if im posting bad comment what will you do kill me? such a crap….gFORLIFE not the only hater in this world……..if it amazing so eat this anime lor………IRON HEART my ass

  9. XYUKI

    Dec 8th, 2013

    wait.. why do peoples who hate this anime are really diligent to commenting here?

  10. kin

    Dec 10th, 2013

    awesome kyoshi u r the best player (TT_TT)oh my god i want to play basket now

  11. Westin

    Mar 24th, 2014

    Hater’s gotta hate, i mean what else?
    They are kids leave em be.

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