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Episode Summary: Even without Aomine, Too High gets out to an early lead because of the scouting and predictions Satsuki has done. Satsuki admits she can't predict Kuroko's play or Kagami's height, but she believes Too will get an easy win. After trailing by 10 Seirin starts breaking out new moves and cuts the lead down to 25:21 when Riko realizes Kagami is still injured. She pulls him off the court and tapes him up, admitting her own weakness at bringing out others potential and allowing Too to get up by 8 points again. Kagami is finally taped up fully with :51 seconds left in the 2nd Quarter. Just as he is about to be inserted Aomine arrives. Too's coach tells him to get ready to play in the second half when Aomine pulls off his shirt and reveals he is already in full uniform and ready to go. The showdown between Kagami and Aomine is about to begin.

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