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Episode Summary: After Kise successfully copied Aomine's playing style, he is currently on par with Aomine, which causes the team to let Aomine do what he wants despite having 4 fouls. Aomine and Kise trade baskets and with one minute to go, Kaijo is still down by 8 points. With Kaijo needing a score to turn things around, Kise makes a Formless Shot of his own, but Aomine defends this well, forcing Kise to pass to an open Kasamatsu. Aomine anticipates this, though, and deflects the pass out-of-bounds. With their final chance lost, Kise tells Aomine that it is fine Kaijo will lose because he is not yet at Aomine's level. Aomine dunks on Kise as the game ends. Touou wins by a score of 110-98. After the game, realising the true abilities of the Generation of Miracles, Kagami and Kuroko are determined more than ever to work hard to develop their new style of basketball.

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    Sep 24th, 2012

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    Nov 6th, 2012

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    May 24th, 2013

    needs a season 2 to show off those other character and “their” style

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    Jun 9th, 2013

    where is 2nd episode?

  7. BeriiCherry


    Jun 13th, 2013

    Just finished watching this, I love it ! Cant wait for season 2!!! The bloopers were so funny too

  8. Pumped

    Jun 29th, 2013

    Awesome series! Can’t wait for season 2, October seems so far away now!

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