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"Your Basketball"
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Episode Summary: After a shocking 100-98 win, the Seirin team celebrates with steak food-trip. Kise seeks out Kuroko to learn why he left the middle school team after they won the championship. Kagami learns his skills will continue to evolve to where he can face the generation of miracles, but when Kagami, Kise, and Kuroko see some thugs harassing street ball players, they decide to intervene and see who is stronger in a 3 on 5 match.

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    my favorite episode! midorima

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    Midorin, my love xDDD

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    so gud

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    I love this episode!

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    KUROKO! <3

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    who’s addicted to anime meeeeeee

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    Kuroko No Basket FTW

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    Hello anime

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