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"His Butler, Transmitted"
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Episode Summary: Angela uses the cinematic record to force Ciel recall his painful past, including the events surrounding his parents' murder. but Ciel eventually rejects her attempt to rewrite his past. Meanwhile, Sebastian and Grell go the grim reaper library to see Spears, who tells them that Angel cannot change the past but rather change the impression of the past. Angela then uses the cinematic recordto trap Ciel in a meadow face-to-face with his parents, all in order to achieve purification. Ciel overcome this by his overwhelming power of hatred. She later escapes and locks Ciel, Sebastian, Grell, the Undertaker, and Spears in the library. While Angela attempts to purify the members of the cult at the cathedral, the Undertaker uses a death bookmark on the cinematic record of Matilda to transport Sebastian, Grell, and Spears to incapacitate Angela. It is then that Angela destroys the monastery, causing all the monks and nuns to evacuate, which leads to her evasion.

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