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"Clawed Butler"
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Episode Summary: Earl Alois Trancy is awakened by his butler, Claude Faustus, who announces to him that his uncle Arnold Trancy, the Viscount of Druitt, and a priest are coming for a visit. Although the mansion has already been redecorated, Alois orders Claude to return it to the original state because his uncle suspects Alois's legitimacy as the former head's son. Alois tells the three of his traumatic childhood, when he was kidnapped at birth and sent to a village into slavery, that is until he realized he was the only survivor of a plague that later spread throughout the village. Alois amusingly gives Arnold a large sum of money as a parting gift. A storm soon breaks out, and a cloaked man appears asking for shelter. In return for revealing the contents of his luggage, the cloaked man requests entry into mansion basement. Alois shows him a special black tea box, said to help undergo an aromatherapy of darkness. However, a suspicious Claude attacks him, revealing his identity as Sebastian Michaelis, hiding the lifeless body of Earl Ciel Phantomhive in his suitcase. Surprised to see Ciel in the suitcase, Alois orders Claude to capture Sebastian, as the two make their way to the main hall of the mansion. Sebastian shatters the chandelier, revealing Alois to have nyctophobia, begging Claude not to leave his side. Sebastian escapes by breaking through the window as he runs through the forest in the storm. As the storm clears, Sebastian opens the tea box which contains a blue ring. Once it has been placed on Ciel's finger, Sebastian tells him to wake up.

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  1. ling

    Apr 6th, 2013

    ahhhh so good

  2. ling

    Apr 6th, 2013

    the gang is back

  3. riyusucker

    Jan 4th, 2014

    great :)

  4. Regnier


    Sep 6th, 2014

    Wait what did I just see? I thought… WTF…. this is interesting lol :) cant wait to watch the rest of them.

  5. Jelly99

    Feb 17th, 2015

    OMG CIEEEEEL! I cried at the end of season 1!! BUT HE’S BACK OMG AND THE OTHERS!! Kamisama onegai, let Pluto be alive. Amen.

  6. Lilly

    Apr 8th, 2015

    Finally!!!!! Ive found it. This movie is really hard to find. But thanks. I really love this movie. My favorite of all.

  7. Hellen

    Jul 22nd, 2016

    Aghhhhh! Finally I found it! I’ve been look this episode like 5 MONTHS! Good that I found this place here. My gratitude guys!

  8. Rin

    Aug 15th, 2017

    Season two just why

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