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"Wench Butler"
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Episode Summary: Ciel is asked to investigate a recurring case, all involving a young bride who has been burned alive in front of her groom during the night in the streets of London. Ciel and Sebastian approach the Scotland Yard for any records, but it is to no help, as they remain classified. Ciel and Sebastian then turn to the Undertaker for information. He shows them a pile of sparkling ashes in a tiny vial. At the funeral, the photographer and his overweight wife, Turner and Margaret, present the groom with the last photograph the couple took together moments before the death of his bride, however the groom drops the frame due to his bandaged hands. Upon further investigation, Ciel and Sebastian find out that all the victims were newlywed women and had went to the photographer's studio. It is also mentioned that Lau had sold his largest shipment of magnesium to the photographer. When the two arrive at the studio, Margaret destroys the studio by sprinkling magnesium everywhere and ignites it with her camera flash. She becomes completely insane because Turner made her life miserable without any passionate love toward her. Grell Sutcliff then appears to Ciel and Sebastian, revealing to collect Margaret's soul. Ciel finds Margaret atop the Big Ben Clock Tower, dumping barrels of magnesium into the streets of London. She then starts attacking Ciel, but Sebastian and Grell stop her before she can do any more damage. When Ciel tries to interrogate her, she suddenly bursts into flames, stating the man with golden eyes told her to do this in order to be happy. Later, Ciel discovers that the records were classified because the Trancy estate had investigated the previous cases. Sebastian explained that three years ago, the head of Trancy family died but his son took over as the earl and head of the family.

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