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"Bedwed Butler"

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Episode Summary: Sebastian, with Ciel in his arms, manage to defeat and evade the servant triplets. Nonetheless, the three does not give up, as another fight erupts between them and Sebastian. Meanwhile at the estate, Hannah Annafellows plays the glass harmonica for the guests, but the glassy sound soon becomes painful to hear. Hannah has taken control of the majority of the guests with her music, having turned them into hostile zombies. While Lau and Ran-Mao have corks in their ears, Agni assists Prince Soma and his friends to retain control of themselves while fending off the controlled guests. Sebastian frightens off the servant triplets, and he rushes to the estate with Ciel to the castle, after the two heard the haunting tune from outside. Sebastian arrives to counter Hannah's melody with his harmony, using a glass harp. As the glass harmonica shatters, the guests are completely freed and applaud Sebastian's performance. Alois and Claude take this chance to make an entrance, and soon after, Sebastian and Claude agree to have a private conversation. On a lake, Sebastian and Claude duke it out, and during their squabble, it is revealed that Sebastian could not devour Ciel's soul in because he had "become a void". It appears Claude somehow snatched Ciel's soul before Sebastian, but could not use it due to it being "incomplete." They strike up a deal afterward in which Alois will be the new target of Ciel's revenge, and form a contract by dripping their blood into the petals of two roses. At the costume ball, Elizabeth is forced into a dance with Alois, so Ciel joins the dance to get closer to her. As Ciel and Alois pass one another, they each make a separate vow, in that they will exact their revenge on each other.

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