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"The Demon King Case File!"
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Episode Summary: After Yuri's study and practicing baseball with Conrad, the news of the Maseki being stolen perks Yuri's interest. Yuri sets off into the city to find the stone with Jozak, Conrad, and Wolfram. They found the missing Maseki in the hands of Rosetta and her family, but the family is trying to use the stone's power to repair magic tools and restore magic to earn more money for food. Yuri then decides to help them to get enough food. While they were helping Rosetta, they found that thieves are trying to reclaim the Maseki. At night they rind out that the thieves kidnapped Rosetta and Rosetta set off with the Maseki to exchange for her sibling. Yuri, Conrad, Wolfram, Jozak, and Günter came in time to get the Maseki stone and save Rosetta's brother. Conrad decides to let Rosetta use the Maseki stone for

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