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"Duel! Pretty Boy vs. Baseball Boy"
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Episode Summary: While attending a dinner party that the former Queen is holding Wolfram insults Yuri's mother by saying she is dirty human and Yuri reacts to the insult by slapping Wolfram across the left cheek. From everyone's weird reaction to the slap he finds out that this is actually how the nobles of the Great Demon Kingdom propose. Wolfram then throws his silverware on the floor to challenge Yuri to a duel to contest the engagement and Yuri unknowingly accepts by picking up a knife. Yuri is allowed to choose how they fight the duel and decides they should fight through a sumo match. Yuri wins the match but Wolfram finds this type of fight unfair so he challenges Yuri to a sword fight. Yuri manages to win the sword fight also but Wolfram gets pissed off and attacks him with magic. Even though no one thinks Yuri has any magic yet Yuri seems to transform and brings out two water dragons to hold Wolfram back. Seeing the power that Yuri has Wolfram finally accepts defeat and accepts Yuri as the rightful king.

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