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"The Man of Fate"
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Episode Summary: Greta spotted a man in town that she wanted to see again. Despite the fact that Conrad had told him to stay put and still suffering from a twisted ankle Yuri takes Greta into town. Yuri gets a sense of Deja Vu when he stops to defend a girl from some bullies and she promptly runs away. Yuri grabs Greta and runs and the same girl that ran saves them. However their eventually caught. They get away from the cell but while being chased are saved by Conrad and Wolfram. Then a man Yuri and the others meet a few episode back on a boat who Yuri calls Mr. Shiny Head shows up and wants to get back all the property in this town that a man named Vinon swindled and forced from their owners. After a masked man attacks Yuri, Conrad steps in to protect Yuri and fight. But who is this masked man? And can Conrad defeat him?

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