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"Atrocious Reunion"
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Episode Summary: Yuri soon learns that first he's not alone. Somehow Murata has also ended up next to him on a beach. Then he learns that he's not on earth, he's still the other world. They are told about the owner of this castle and go there but soon an old friend returns. Adalbert and a man named Maxine shows up. Yuri's preys aren't answered as he'd hoped Adalbert wouldn't recognize him with a hat and sunglasses on. When the countries guards appear Adalbert and Maxine run but then Yuri realizes that the weapons are the same as the ones in the battle Conrad (currently MIA) was in. Upset he changes to take care of the guards. What do these people want from Yuri? Meanwhile Jozak who'd been in disguise in the same town sends a letter informing of Yuri's location. Günter meanwhile his body recovering but now has to deal with a new form for his soul to live while his body recovers.

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