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"Whereabouts of the Boxes"
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Episode Summary: The episode starts with Condrad's dream, where someone appears to him with his arm, when he wakes up. Yuri is back at home depressed thinking about Conrad. Then later meets Murata at the park. Yuri tries to get Murata to help him get back to the next world, Murata decides to help Yuri back to the alternate world. When the reach the other would, Wolfram, Günter, Greta and Ulrike are there to greet them. Gwendal soon shows up and apologizes for Conrad's misconduct assuming he will get punished. It is revealed that Murata, or rather the great sage was the one who made the 4 forbidden boxes, which in turn Yuri wants Murata to explain them a little. And their connection to the Weller Family. Conrad is reading when he is summoned, he is soon informed that Big Cimaron is in contact with another Box. Yuri and the others become aware that Big Cimaron is after another Box and in turn goes after it as well.

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