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"Runaway? Stray? Demon Sword in Motion!"
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Episode Summary: With Morgif now in his possession, Yuri finds out that the sword needs to absorb souls for energy. Jozak tricks Yuri to participating in a gladiator event so he can absorb souls when people die. Yuri is forced into a Colosseum fight to the death and when he reaches the field he finds out that his opponent is Rick, the apprentice from the ship they were on. Yuri wins the battle but attempts to spare Rick life but since Yuri wont kill him Rick is shot with an arrow from a guard. An old man in the audience has a heart attack and dies which activates the stone on Morgif's head causing him to suck in the man's soul. Yuri manages to bring Morgif under control and escapes with Jozak, Conrad, Wolfram, and Rick. They take the sword back to The Great Demon Kingdom and when they get back Celi looks at the sword and tries to hold it but she drops it and the stone on the swords forehead falls out. Without the stone Morgif will not absorb souls. Yuri entrusts Jozak to discard stone as he wishes. Yuri returns to earth.

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