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"White World"
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Episode Summary: A flashback shows Izumi summoning Mirai to Nagatsuki City. In the present, Akihito awakens in his apartment and learns that Mirai had been taking care of him following his youmu transformation. The two later arrive at the Literary Club where Mirai reveals that she exists via a portion of her blood within Akihito and they are simply a part of his dream since he remains unconscious following their last encounter. She goes on to explain that she was sent to Nagatsuki City with the sole purpose of killing the Beyond the Boundary youmu but couldn't bring herself to harm Akihito. Instead, she used her blood during the Calm to draw the youmu out of Akihito and into herself before vanishing. Mirai then kisses Akihito before the dream ends, with the latter awakening in a state of shock. Six months earlier, Izumi summons Mirai to Nagatsuki City and brings her before the Nase family head where they enlist her aid in destroying the Beyond the Boundary youmu within Akihito Kanbara before the Society of the Spirit World Warriors gets to it first. Mirai later transfers to Nagatsuki High and fails to kill Akihito on numerous occasions, instead getting to know him better. However Izumi warns her to emotionally distance herself from Akihito. Failing to do so, Mirai comes to understand Akihito's pain during the Hollow Shadow incident and later makes it known to Izumi during the lantern festival of her choice to not kill Akihito. Izumi then uses her freezing barrier to help the youmu surface from Akihito's body during the Calm and manipulates Mirai into thinking that she can save him by sacrificing herself to the youmu—to which Mirai agrees. Elsewhere, in the snowy white Mirror World, Mirai makes her way towards the Beyond the Boundary's core.

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  1. lurkinggood

    Dec 4th, 2013

    If the whole show was of this quality, it would be a complete classic. This is the first episode where I really cared about the characters, even though I’ve always loved this show.

  2. AzaelAkai


    Dec 5th, 2013

    Noooo!!!!! Damn, i freakin love this anime. This episode killed my feelings.

  3. Jason Ramos

    Dec 7th, 2013

    OMG This was so good! ;-; I’m so sad and I can’t wait for the next episode! The anime quality, the characters, the story is just absolutely amazing and heartwarming! I thank you people for having put up this anime on here! Arigato! ^_^

  4. aireen

    Mar 31st, 2014


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