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"Grey World"
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Episode Summary: As Mirai and Akihito reunite, Izumi demands that Yayoi tell her exactly what a half-youmu is. However Yayoi makes a quick escape after warning them of the Society's movement. At the same time Akihito uses his youmu powers to defend from the Beyond the Boundary's attacks before he and Mirai make their way to its core. Elsewhere, Shizuku, Sakura, Hiroomi, Mitsuki and Izumi confront Miroku, however he seals himself and Izumi inside a barrier to prevent outside interference. Back in the Mirror World, Mirai and Akihito just narrowly reach the Beyond the Boundary's core where Mirai manages to impale it with her sword. Meanwhile, Hiroomi enters Miroku's barrier and learns that both Miroku and Izumi harbor youmu within their bodies in addition that Izumi isn't the person she claims to be. Izumi then impales Miroku with her spear who seemingly self destructs. Meanwhile, Akihito and Mirai face and overcome their dark memories inside the Beyond the Boundary's core and find themselves in a ferocious battle against an army of youmu. Finally, as the Beyond the Boundary emerges, Akihito beats it into submission and reabsorbs it back into his body. With the Beyond the Boundary gone, the Mirror World and Mirai begin disappearing and Mirai and Akihito share a tender moment before she disappears. Sometime later the world returns to normal, with the Beyond the Boundary incident being covered up and Hiroomi taking over the Nase clan. As Akihito laments on a life without Mirai, he suddenly runs toward the school roof when her ring disappears and reunites with her. After declaring his feelings for her in his own way, Akihito returns Mirai's red rimmed glasses.

13 Responses to “Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 12”

  1. lurkinggood

    Dec 18th, 2013

    Great ending, although I didn’t understand what happened.

    And why did the bad guy want to destroy the world?

    This could have used an extra “real” episode or two.

    But it was really enjoyable.

  2. genesis

    Dec 18th, 2013

    last episode next week… T_T this anime will end.
    this is one of my best anime i’ve watched so far

  3. Ragingfox


    Dec 18th, 2013

    This is the last episode Genesis.

  4. Regnier


    Dec 18th, 2013

    Amazing!!! I love this anime.

  5. genesis

    Dec 18th, 2013

    lol. i leave a reply at ep 12. i thought this was ep 11 XD

  6. Raining


    Dec 18th, 2013

    This season of Anime went by fast!

  7. freakmango

    Dec 18th, 2013

    I thought Mirai died and I cried…. anyways, I need season 2

  8. olympus

    Dec 19th, 2013

    I did not get why Mirai came back to life did she just came back this needed a more plausible explanation.

  9. Death

    Dec 19th, 2013

    I must agree with freakmango…

  10. Death

    Dec 19th, 2013

    @olympus for dramatical ending maybe?but that was a great anime though

  11. lurkinggood

    Jan 15th, 2014

    Just saw it for the second time. I think I figured out how that happened at the end. Still working it out, though. The question is whether he could pull her back when he took BTB in.

  12. John Marston

    Apr 5th, 2014

    I think the upcoming OVA titled “Daybreak” will explain the unanswered questions left in this episode.

  13. klamens

    May 10th, 2014


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