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"Moonlight Purple"

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Episode Summary: The following day Mirai chases a low-level youmu and after finding herself unable to kill it, Mitsuki appears and kills it, offering Mirai its stone which she rejects as charity. Meanwhile, an interrogation officer from the Spirit World Warriors' Observation Department—Miroku Fujima meets with Izumi Nase to discuss the coming of the Hollow Shadow. While at school, Akihito tries once more in vain to get Mirai to visit the Literary Club and in obtaining information about the latter from Hiroomi. Mitsuki later has Akihito rendezvous with him at the train yard to disclose some sensitive information she obtained from Iori Ichinomiya. Mitsuki reveals that Mirai may go after the Hollow Shadow and of her adoption by the Inami clan who lost their daughter at the hands of Mirai while confronting the youmu itself. Meanwhile, as the Hollow Shadow enters Nagatsuki City and causes the moon to cast an eerie purple glow, Akihito tries to stop Mirai from going after it. Mirai tells Akihito of her connection to the Inami clan and that she murdered her friend—Yui Inami, out of fear after the Hollow Shadow possessed her. However despite Akihito's pleas that their lives aren't different, Mirai bars him from going with her. Afterwards Spirit World Warriors in the area are tasked with setting up barriers to guide the Hollow Shadow out of the city. As the youmu in the area become increasingly influenced with malice by the Hollow Shadow, Mirai makes her way to the city limits and prepares to confront it. However Sakura Inami attacks her with killing intent just as they both become engulfed and thrown into a random part of the city by the Hollow Shadow. Finally, Akihito suddenly stops Sakura's attack and states that Mirai still didn't understand his words.

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