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"Bitter Orange"
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Episode Summary: Akihito and Mirai flee from Sakura'a onslaught down the illusory labyrinth created by the Hollow Shadow. Arriving at a twisted replication of the train yard, Mirai becomes ensnared by the Shadow as it mimics Yui's likeness, however Akihito snaps Mirai back to reality before the Shadow kills her. Revealing its main body, the Shadow attacks Mirai who retaliates by injecting its body with a massive amount of corrosive blood which destroys it. Finding themselves back on the mountaintop, Mirai questions her self image to Akihito. As Akihito sincerely replies, the weakened Shadow suddenly possesses his body, causing him to plead with a horrified Mirai to inject him with her blood. This forces the Shadow out of Akihito and Mirai finally destroys it. Afterwards, Hiroomi, Ayaka and Shizuku show up and bar Mirai from going to Akihito's aid, instead locking him in a cage, with Ayaka explaining of Akihito's youmu half's awakening due to his human half's weakened state. Mirai then horrifically watches as Akihito undergoes a sudden transformation and goes berserk. Desperately trying to keep Akihito contained, the trio are soon overwhelmed by his immense destructive power, with his orange fireballs completely devastating the landscape. Seeing herself in Akihito, Mirai breaks into tears and locks him in a bear hug until his rampaging youmu half calms down. In the aftermath, as Akihito reawakens and despises the devastation he caused, Mirai breaks into tears following his apology. Meanwhile, after observing the struggle, Miroku decides to report back to the Society. Some time later, Mirai and Akihito go out to dinner, with the latter posing the same question she did to him, and Mirai replies with a normal response just as he did for her. In the epilogue, Izumi presents the Hollow Shadow's stone to an unknown man, and remarks that it should stall the Society for the time being.

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