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"Chartreuse Light"
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Episode Summary: Mirai finally caves in and joins the Literary Club due to Akihito's constant pestering. Afterwards, Mirai, Akihito, Mitsuki and Hiroomi visit the Nase mansion where they run into a departing Miroku. Izumi then confiscates Mirai's Spirit World Warrior license for a month on account of disobeying her orders and going after the Hollow Shadow. Mitsuki then agrees to take Mirai to her part-time job in the hopes that her boss would hire her so she may have income for the next month. While they discuss this at a pancake house, Mitsuki and Mirai also discuss the latter's change of heart to socialization and Akihito's relationship with the Nase clan. Just then, they notice a passerby possessed by a youmu and instantly go after it. Mirai eventually battles and kills the youmu just as Shizuku shows up and treats them to barbecue as thanks. As Mirai notices a poster of the annual Nagatsuki City Lanturn Festival, Mitsuki recalls how she was barred from ever attending due to her duties as a Spirit World Warrior. Afterwards, Mitsuki and Mirai visit Ayaka's shop for the former's part-time job, and Ayaka hires Mirai in addition to forcing her into a photo shoot for extra money. Afterwards, they mention Akihito's depression following his youmu transformation. While they watch the shop, Mirai tries to ask Mitsuki why she refuses to go to the festival to no avail, leaving her with the answer that Spirit World Warriors are alone. However, Mitsuki eventually changes her mind when she recalls how she had set up chartreuse lanterns in her room as a child. Finally, Mirai and Mitsuki run into a surprised Akihito and Hiroomi at the festival, and upon Akihito's confusion at their arrival, Mirai knowingly implies that on the night of the festival none of them have to be alone.

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