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"Color of Clouds"

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Episode Summary: Sakura recalls Yui's warning of the Hollow Shadow's power while hunting an amphibious youmu. The next day, Shizuku interrupts the Literary Club's usual theatrics to inform them of Sakura's impending transfer to their high school, however Mirai decides not to intervene in the matter. That evening Akihito goes to Sakura's aid when she passes out from fighting a flying youmu and takes her home to tend to her wounds. Here, Sakura explains that her spear grows stronger by devouring youmu stones and that a mysterious man gave it to her, which she may keep on the condition that she kills Mirai. At that instant, Mirai unexpectedly drops by to return Akihito's phone, forcing the latter to reveal Sakura when Mirai spirals out of control upon noticing the second pair of shoes at his doorstep. The next day, Sakura has a successful transfer despite Akihito's caution. That afternoon, Mirai and Sakura meet at a market alley to settle their score and begin their inevitable battle. Drawing Sakura into the sewers, Mirai explains her realization of revenge being the wrong path and her intention to live for the sake of the Inami sisters. This causes Sakura to lose her fighting resolve at which point the spear attempts to devour her before Mirai stops it. In the aftermath, Sakura admits having lost sight of herself at the chime of Yui's bell necklace; clouding her feelings for Mirai, which she accepts and both reconcile. With the spear now having devoured enough youmu, Miroku collects it with the intention of retrieving the Hollow Shadow's stone. Finally, Izumi and Mitsuki witness the beginning of a phenomenon called the Calm as it spreads through Nagatsuki City—foreshadowing something known as Beyond the Boundary.

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