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"Calming Gold"
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Episode Summary: Akihito receives a postcard from Yayoi, warning them of the coming of the Calm as the city starts feeling its effects. Ai and Ayaka explain that during the Calm, all youmu become severely weakened and warns that Akihito could potentially lose his immortality during the period. As the group later heads home, Miroku intercepts Mitsuki and explains that the mirrored phenomenon she witnessed was actually a fraction of a youmu known as the one Beyond the Boundary. Miroku further explains that he was sent to investigate the Nase family's plans for this youmu by the Society and learned that Izumi had saved Mirai from being killed by the Inami clan following Yui's death. Overlooking the golden sunset by the shoreline, Hiroomi then intervenes and attacks Miroku before the latter escapes. Elsewhere, Akihito awakens on the train home following a horrible flashback before Izumi puts him sleep once more. Afterwards, Ayaka decides to watch over Akihito at her shop as he starts feeling the Calm's effects. Afterwards the Calm finally begins at midnight and the Spirit World Warriors of the city including Shizuku and Izumi start slaughtering any and all youmu in sight. Meanwhile, as Hiroomi and Mitsuki try to understand the conflict between their clan and the Society, they learn of Akihito's state and notice a giant youmu while Sakura manages to convince Mirai to return to Akihito's side. At the same time, Ayaka intercepts Miroku outside her shop following his intention to capture Akihito for the Society and attacks him in her youmu form. However before Ayaka becomes overpowered, Izumi intervenes and stops Miroku's attack. Finally, as Mirai hurries back to the shop, Akihito's youmu half awakens.

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