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"Silver Bamboo"
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Episode Summary: Upon arriving at the Shindō shop, Mirai horrifically discovers Akihito in his youmu form. Meanwhile, as Hiroomi and Mitsuki have their hands full with the giant youmu, Izumi faces off against Miroku who escapes when a fireball distracts Izumi. Afterwards, Izumi returns to the shop and attacks Akihito in front of Mirai before he too manages to escape. At the same time, Hiroomi and Mitsuki manage to defeat the large shadow and later rendezvous at Akihito's apartment with Izumi and Mirai. Here, Mirai relays Ayaka's explanation that the Calm had weakened Akihito's human half more than his youmu half, causing the latter to surface. As they track Akihito into the woods, Izumi suggests that Mirai can now kill Akihito with his immortality nullified by Calm since if it ends, his youmu half would likely gain dominance over his body and become unstoppable. The following day, as Mitsuki and Hiroomi ponder on Izumi's ulterior motive, the latter confronts her using Miroku's rationale of manipulating Mirai and that she deliberately weakened Akihito's human half with her freezing barrier, prompting his youmu emergence. However Izumi instead warns him about the Society. Dissatisfied, Hiroomi tries to get Mirai to change her mind from killing Akihito and later enters the Nase family archives where he discovers the shocking revelation of Akihito's youmu half being the one Beyond the Boundary. Just then, as Miroku manages to steal the Hollow Shadow's stone from the Nase vault, Mirai tracks Akihito's youmu form to a deserted part of the forest under the silver rainclouds and engages him in a furious battle, eventually severely wounding him. Finally, with her heart breaking, Mirai rushes Akihito to deliver the fatal blow.

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