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"Troublesome Talks Here and There"
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Episode Summary: Koto blames herself for the destruction arising in Kyoto, believing it to be caused by her using her hammer. Meanwhile, as Lady Koto tries to get Inari to explain the cause of the destruction, which is also affecting Yase's memories, the head priest of Shrine appears. He reveals Kyoto was a forbidden thirteenth parallel created by Inari in secret, and that both Inari starting up a family and Koto forcing her way into the world has begun a chain reaction that will destroy all other parallels. As Inari stands against the head priest, fighting off familiars being controlled by his assistant, the head priest reveals Koto had inherited all of the abilities from Lady Koto, who allegedly cannot exist outside of the sanctuary, as she starts disappearing. This leads Koto to blame herself even further, but Yakushimaru manages to bring her back to her senses, encouraging her to stand up to the head priest and protect Kyoto.

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