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"Discovered attack"
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Episode Summary: Alvis awakens, and the Silvana's systems return to normal, but she does not remember anything that happened. Alex, who has returned from his meeting with Vincent, orders the Silvana to intercept the Urbanus at a region of sunken reefs called the Dragon's Fangs. For the upcoming battle, Tatiana appoints Claus over Alister as her navigator, causing Dio to suspect that she is picking on Claus. As the Silvana enters the reefs guided by its fighter vanships, the pursuing Urbanus and two sister ships seal the escape route behind them. Continuing through the reefs, the Silvana is surprised by two more battleships ahead of them. While pinned by one battleship, Alex orders the Silvana to quickly ascend. Vincent, waiting above the clouds, orders one of his ships to ram the Silvana, but it accidentally rams the friendly ship attached to her and they destroy each other. Vincent orders the other two battleships to anchor tethers to the Silvana and sends the Urbanus on a ramming attack. However, Alex orders the Silvana to fire on the surrounding rock formations, causing them to collapse and pull down the two battleships. The Urbanus is forced to withdraw, but the Silvana cannot detach its tethers. Tatiana and Claus watch as the Silvana sinks below the clouds.

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