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"Isolated pawn"
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Episode Summary: Tatiana and Claus are forced to make an emergency landing after their vanship hits the Urbanus. Claus, who remains optimistic that the Silvana and its crew are intact, attempts to repair the vanship but cannot bring its engine to generate enough power. Tatiana, despairing the loss of her best friend Alister, cannot feel the same way as him about their circumstances. Meanwhile, an evacuation is underway in Disith, but ships experience difficulty in generating enough lift and are destroyed when they crash back to the ground. Tatiana reveals to Claus that she comes from a noble family abandoned by the Anatoray government because they are too poor to move into new urban areas. Although once reaching the top of her class in the military academy, she was eventually forced to discontinue her studies. Tatiana realizes that Claus and Lavie are the children of Hamilcar Valca and Georges Head, respectively, the vanship courier duo who attempted to cross the Grand Stream to deliver a peace proposal to Disith ten years earlier. Claus is finally able to give the vanship enough lift to glide across the desert, and the two head to one of the Silvana's secret shelters. When they arrive, Claus and Tatiana are captured by Disith soldiers. They escape when the female soldier guarding them rushes to the arriving Disith migration capsules. However, the soldier finds that none of the capsules carrying civilians made the journey.

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