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"Sicilian Defence"
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Episode Summary: After Delphine's ship leaves the coronation ceremony, the Silvana heads to the Dragon's Fangs, where it finds the Urbanus flying under the imperial banner. Sophia proposes that, using the chart provided by Disith, the two ships search for Exile six days ahead of Covenant Day in the Grand Stream. Using acoustic torpedoes and echolocation, the Silvana's listening officer Wina Lightning will match Exile to its acoustic signature. Sophia reveals to Claus that Alvis is the key to turning Exile against the Guild, but vows to keep her safe. Alvis finds out about the Guild's upcoming Birth Week and plans a birthday party for Dio, who does not wish to return to the Guild. At Norkia, Duke Mad-thane witnesses a Disith ship fall from the sky while delivering water to drought-stricken regions when Delphine recalls its Claudia unit. Meanwhile, Dunya and Mullin continue their training at Horizon Cave. As the Silvana and the Urbanus enter the Grand Stream, the first acoustic torpedo is launched.

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