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"Interesting Claus"
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Episode Summary: The Silvana is under attack by Guild fighters and must defend herself until the Guild are forced to withdraw due to limited fuel. Claus and Lavie enter the battle in a spare fighter vanship; however, Claus experiences some difficulty in maneuvering the craft. Dio takes interest in Claus as he begins to have a better grasp of the vanship. After observing Claus complete a Scissors and an Immelmann turn, Dio dubs him "Immelmann" and decides to enter the battle, as does Lucciola. However, instead of shooting down Claus and Lavie, Dio toys with them to the point at which he achieves a lock on them before disengaging, and repeats the process several times. Lavie does not handle combat well and forgets to reload the guns and eventually suffers a redout when Claus attempts to escape from Dio's fighter. Midway through the battle, Tatiana returns to find the Silvana under attack and also engages Dio's fighter. Lucciola disconnects his fighter from Dio's and begins to engage Tatiana. Dio decides to stop playing with Claus, but all Guild forces are recalled before he is able to fire on the next target lock. Back aboard the Silvana, Tatiana is angry that Claus was given permission to fly a fighter vanship and criticizes Lavie as a poor navigator.

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