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"Calculate Alex"
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Episode Summary: When Mullin offers to help Claus and Lavie repair their vanship, he is recruited to join the Silvana flight deck crew as a mechanic. Hearing from Sophia that the Silvana is en route to Horizon Cave, Claus and Lavie decide to take a rare opportunity to participate in its famous eight-hour endurance race. Participants are assigned vanships by lottery and must make them airworthy in time for the race. Tatiana, who also joins the race with Alister, objects to working with Claus and Lavie, but Alex ignores her protests. As the race is about to begin, Sophia briefs Tatiana and Alister on their true objective in the race. Dio introduces himself and Lucciola as a race challenger to Claus and Lavie, who do not welcome their presence. At the start of the race, Claus's and Lavie's vanship refuses to start, and they are forced to join several seconds late. Dio provokes Tatiana into a head-to-head race despite Alister's attempts to remind her of their mission. As the black market auction begins, Duke Henry Knowles joins Alex and notices his disinterest towards the initial items up for bid. However, as the final item of the auction, an artifact believed to be a gateway to the legendary Exile, is introduced, Alex opens the bid with a surprising 10 million Claudia.[Note 1]

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