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"Illegal move"
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Episode Summary: At the Grand Lake, Atamora presides in a ceremony to commemorate the alliance between Anatoray and Turan. Thanks to the battleships Fam and Giselle captured, Millia now has a new Turan fleet to battle Ades. As everyone on the Silvius celebrate while the Sky Pirates sends flyers asking the other nations join the Anatoray/Turan alliance against Ades, Vincent asks Atamora if there is any nation powerful enough to join them which the latter suggest the isolationist Glacies. Meanwhile, Dio introduces Fam, Giselle and Millia to Alvis Hamilton, who has the ability to control Prester's Exile. Dio and Al explain to them how females in the Turan Royal family can control an Exile and the ability is passed down from daughter or sister if the current one dies. Since Millia doesn't have this ability, this confirm Liliana is still alive much to Millia's relief. The Impetus suddenly arrives at their location and much to everyone's surprise, the ship is flying the Turan flag as Liliana is on board. The Silvius greets Liliana where she thanks Millia for gathering the new Turan fleet and Anatoray for protecting Millia. But Liliana reveals a surprise when she reveals that, as the new Queen of Turan, she has made peace with Ades and joined their alliance much to the Turan Forces joy but shock to Millia, Vincent and Tatiana. Luscinia later arrives and gives the Silvius ten minutes to surrender and join them or be attack. Millia refuses to accept the Turan/Ades alliance but Liliana warns if she doesn't join her, she will no longer recognize Millia as a Princess of Turan but an enemy. As the crew on bridge discuss whether to accept Luscinia's offer since the Turan Forces are more loyal to Liliana than Millia, Fam thinks Luscinia is controlling Liliana but Millia knows that her sister is doing this willingly. With their time limit up, Liliana orders the Turan fleet to attack the Silvius. At the same time, the Third Ades Fleet attack Kortoffel. As Vincent escapes with Al on the Urbanus with the Silvius covering them, Alauda and his assassins board the Silvius. Fam, Giselle and Millia are forced to escape and despite Dio and the Silvius crew's efforts to stop them, Alauda's assassins manage to shut down the Silvius's engine, sinking the ship. As Fam's vespa is chased by three Ades vanships, a patrolling Glacies Rocket Vanships spots them.

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