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"Backward pawn"
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Episode Summary: Ten years ago, Empress Farahanaz of the Ades Federation opens the Grand Race to celebrate the peace treaty between all the countries of Earth including inviting delegates from Glacies. Despite the celebratory atmosphere, there are still tension and hatred between the natives of Earth and immigrants of Exiles. Farahanaz and her Guild bodyguards, Luscinia and Alauda greet the King of Turan and his daughters, Liliana and Millia. While Millia is scared of Luscinia, Liliana has a crush on him after he helps her get up from falling. Meanwhile, Fam, Giselle and Giselle's mother has come to see the race to support Atamora who is competing in the race along with his co-pilot Kaiser while at the same time, Fam wants to find relatives of her late parents. As Farahanaz, Luscinia and Alauda head to the private booth, they witness Vasant being harass by other Ades soldiers due to the fact she has been chosen to give flowers to the winners of the race and her annexed homeland is an Exile nation. After comforting Vasant, Farahanaz reveals to Luscinia and Alauda that she regrets the lives that were lost due to the wars and the racism by the natives to the Exiles and ask them for her help to make the world a peaceful place where children like her baby daughter Sara can live in. Atamora and Kaiser win the Grand Race where the crowds cheer with happiness which inspire Fam to join the race one day and Farahanaz showing Sara the people's joy. But during the award ceremony, a group of Exiles attempt to assassinate Farahanaz to avenge their dead comrades, prompting Luscinia and Alauda to stop them while Kaiser sacrifice his life to protect Farahanaz. In the growing confusion, one of the assassins attempts to shoot Liliana for getting in his way which Farahanaz sacrifices herself to protect her. Angered by Farahanaz's death, Luscinia goes on a rampage and kills the Empress' assassins, injuring his left eye in the process which Alauda subdues him to calm him to stop him from attacking Liliana. As Fam sees the grief and horror of everyone over Farahanaz death, Fam wakes up to find herself, Giselle and Millia on board a snow truck, driven by the Glacies pilots who rescued them, heading towards Glacies.

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